Galaxy workout leggings

Galaxy workout leggings

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Looking for Women's leggings for stargazing, trendy leggings to stay fresh and up to date, or unique leggings that are handmade to add to your plus size clothing/petite size clothing?
These galaxy leggings or space leggings are made from a polyester spandex perfect for working out at the gym or lounging around the house.

These leggings are a breathable activewear with enough comfort for casual applications as well.

Just like the Every day leggings, these leggings are made with comfort and style in mind and utilize a yoga style waistband without the use of elastic, The waistband can be worn high waist-ed for more tummy control, or folded over for a tighter hold and lower rise. These leggings offer a choice for everyone in multiple lengths including Shorties (perfect for lifting and under dresses), Biker (for exercise and under dresses), Capri (for any occasion including yoga and casual wear), and ankle (for any occasion). All Leggings sizing ( XXS- PLUS3X) are offered at the same price, unless special requests requiring additional work and/or materials are utilized.

Questions on sizing? Send me a message for a custom fit.

Materials: custom fabric,4way fabric,legging,handmade,lycra,spandex,cotton