Velvet & Lace Release

Some time tomorrow, our newest collection drops live on the main store, Etsy, and Facebook. We've been anticipating sharing how adorable (& functional) all these cozy pieces are.

It's pretty clear what has been on our minds... Fall

Don't get me wrong I really love seasons and the changes between them but I will always have a special feeling towards Autumn. The crisp air mixed with crunchy leaves, oversized sweaters (hint for what's next?), and pumpkin everything are what dreams are made of. Everything I love about this season reminds me of being comfortable.

(((((Enter Velvet)))))       ...and a smidgen of lace

The perfect balance of soft and weight with a beautiful drape and spunky shine pulled us right on in and we got to work.

The collection is majorly made up of simple and fun pieces to mix and match to dapple your closet with something new, but also has a couple more luxurious pieces to be dressed up or dressed down depending on the vibe.

With all the mix and matching and custom color options, we hope there's something for everyone!

All of our pieces are always easy to customize by color, material choice, and sizing because we wholly believe every(body) is beautiful and unique inside and out.




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