A Silhouette Tour- Part one

This post is all about Silhouette . Silhouette Cameo 3 to be exact.

Let me just start off by acknowledging I didn't know the true potential of this machine. I felt under qualified and overwhelmed.

I was coerced into purchasing a home cutting machine by a friend who designs cut files (which are amazing by the way and you will see on the next blog).

 When I originally got this machine I had two clear uses:
1.) Cutting vinyl decals of my business logo to slap on random stuff.

2.) Cutting Heat transfer vinyl to add to my shirts.

That's it. Two uses and that was enough for me.

I remember conversing with my friend wanting her honest recommendation on a machine; I mean she does this as her living so she had to know the good, the bad, and the ugly right?

By now I'm hoping you caught on that she recommended Silhouette, more specifically the Cameo.

Cameo 3 (the version I own) is amazing and so versatile it would take weeks for me to try all of the functions.
I mean it's that awesome I really can't believe it took me this long to dive into the world of home cutters.

In this two-part blog I will be focusing on a few super cool things you can do with your Silhouette Cutters. Some of which can me done on multiple versions of their in-home machines and some that are exclusive to the Cameo.

This first post will cover a couple a sweet and simple projects to get the momentum started. I also may be using these as promotional goodies for Salty and Southern so if you live local to me, be prepared 😉.

Let's do this.

My first project was part curiosity, and part necessity considering I never ordered new branding stickers and such after my logo re-design which may or may not have been a few months ago...

So to start us off I tested out Silhouette sticker paper to make some personalized additives for my customer's packages.

Stickers are insanely quick and simple using the new project wizard in Silhouette Studio (I used designer plus edition).

All I did was pick a simple sticker design from the Silhouette design store and checkout! It automatically syncs to Studio on your computer as long as you have the latest version.

With ease, I opened up Studio and got started.

I set my page settings to the recommended "current printer", selected registration marks, and made sure the printable space was shown so I didn't place design out of the paper size.

I wasn't exactly set on what size or color I was going for so I treated these as a test run and just duplicated the design to fill the page.

After my page was full of stickers I sent the file to my printer to get that pretty little "happy mail" on my sticker sheets.

After the sheet was full of adorableness, I loaded it onto my cutting mat and got it loaded into the Cameo. I was worried it would be difficult to get the Cameo to recognize the registration marks printed onto the sticker sheet since I was low on ink but it picked them up first run and cut out my stickers beautifully.

I went ahead and tested them out on a package that needed shipping. Look how cute! I can't wait to go in and design some logo stickers to plaster all over packaging.

Alright! Let's move onto my second project. I decided to be totally basic and add a little something fun to a coffee mug using Silhouette Adhesive vinyl. I know, I know it's super simple but I really wanted an excuse for more coffee mugs, filled with coffee.

Enter the plain white mug.

I originally was going to put my logo onto the mug but was inspired by Amanda when she mentioned the wise Michael Scott (you know, the boss from The Office*)

*If you don't know a single Michael Scott quote I'm not sure we can be friends.

Anyway, she mentioned his awesome mug. The "World's Best boss" mug that he buys himself.

Pictured here

Step one was to open up Silhouette Studio to get going. I have designer plus but have used both versions of the software. The basic edition is free off of the Silhouette website and is fantastic and easy to use. The upgraded designer plus however is like getting extra whipped cream AND caramel drizzle on your latte. It's worth it.

I quickly typed out my new mug design and decided to have a fun play on it by changing the wording a tad. Then I picked out my prettiest vinyl (mint, duh), loaded it onto my cutting mat, and got to work.

The machine does its' thing and when the job is complete I take over.

I was super surprised how easy the vinyl was to weed (the process of removing the design). But I guess considering Silhouette designed the awesome machine they would have awesome vinyl too.

After weeding I used some transfer paper to help me place my design onto the mug. I don't trust myself to be in control of that many letters trying to get them straight.

I placed and smoothed my design and admired my art. What a masterpiece.

Coffee just tastes better coming out of a mug of endearment.

If you love this silly little mug as much as I do and happen to not be the crafty type, you can purchase one here




Silhouette America sent me product in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own.

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