Where Did I Go?

So I know I disappeared into cyberspace for well, a long time. Things get crazy around here, and the late Summer/ early Autumn seasons aren't excluded.
So, What's been going on at Salty?
(Good question)
Since the release of the Velvet collection, Amanda and I have launched the Take Me Out dresses featuring a snug silhouette to hug the curves and enough options to blow your mind. Yep. Blow. Your. Mind.
We've also been perfecting sweaters and cardigans for a release we just recently pushed back a bit. Don't worry, it's coming I pinky swear.
Don't let me forget all things Christmas is dropping, constantly. We just cannot stop getting more Holiday inspired prints in so if you know anyone, send help. We need it...
Oh yeah, Salty and Southern (more specifically me) had a fun little rendezvous with internet harassment.. So that was exciting and terrifying all bunched together.
Clearly y'all can now see that yeah, it's been busy. I'm back into organized mode and still testing amazing patterns, playing with fancy fabrics, and making tons of bad jokes so I haven't changed don't you worry.
(Picture proving I still have the jokes)
So.. don't give up on me, and I promise not to strand you anytime soon. <3

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