Meet the maker -- Amanda Jean


Hey Y'all! It's Amanda and its story time. My background in sewing starts back with my Abuela. My grandparents immigrated to the U.S. from Peru in 1969. When they got here they pursued the American dream almost immediately and did what they knew best... sewing! They opened a factory and quickly began sewing for some pretty well know American brands. All seven of their children worked together in the factory.

When I was growing up every holiday I needed a fancy dress or when I needed a costume for Halloween, my mom would put those special skills to work. So, when I found out that I was going to become a mom two years ago I was on a mission to learn how to sew. In my mind to become a mom I needed to know how to do all the things my mom and Abuela did, including sewing. My mom bought me a machine for my birthday that year and I got to work. My first project was a rectangular burp cloth for my soon to be son. My next project was Christmas stockings for our little family, and after that I was hooked. I started to venture into clothing and found great support online in the Fluff Love Sewing group. From there I found a TON of PDF designers and online fabric stores. The communities in these groups taught me everything I know and helped me make some of the best friends of my life, **cough, cough** Courtney ;). Sewing has helped me in so many ways, one of them being my Postpartum Depression after I had my son. It's so empowering to create something from a pile of fabric and thread.

We at Salty and Southern are more than a factory. We are more than big companies and fast fashion. We are two moms hustling and killing it every day. Welcome to our crazy fun Salty world. :)

(Baby Amanda in her mama made costumes)

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