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If you're here reading this you automatically just won 15 cool points. If you make it to the end add on 5 more :).

Courtney is the name, everything is the game.

I'm a 26 year young mama of two gorgeous kids, own a small farm full of miniature goats, have a rad husband who puts up with me, and oh yeah I sew.

My passion for sewing started over five years ago when my husband went on his first deployment after joining the Navy. Like all 20 year olds in college, I was boring and watched too much TV. I was already engaged so the downtown scene wasn't my cup of tea and I needed to find something to busy my worrying mind. I remember perusing the local craft store and seeing a sign that all the paper patterns were $0.99. Excited by things I can buy with change from my couch cushions, I purchased this pattern for a simple skirt that was marked Beginner.

That pattern sat in my crafting bin for weeks, sad and lonely. (Like me at the time)

During a "cleaning" spree I came across this pattern, bought the supplies, grabbed my basic little cheapo sewing machine and decided I was going to make an amazing skirt that very night. I was wrong. So very wrong.

The pattern was hard to read, kept ripping, and was causing so much frustration but I decided to stick it out.

The end result, which promptly was thrown away in embarrassment was too small and hideous.

I decided to stick with more basic sewing because clothing was clearly too much for me to handle. I made a small Etsy shop (milspousemade) marketing customized oven mitts and crafty creations using the feathers that fell off of my scarlet macaw, Crackers. I made a few easy bucks playing around with buttons and thread and closed my shop before I graduated.

Fast forward until I get reunited with my (now husband) in our brand new home. I saw on Facebook about a sewing and crafting group and was instantly inspired. I saw hundreds of women making clothes that weren't anything close to my hideous skirt and I wanted in. I stayed quiet and lurked around a few months before cutting up an old maxi skirt to make the popular Peg legs pattern by Patterns for Pirates.

And Guess what?

It worked.

I made pants, real fitting pants!

I was immediately addicted to PDF patterns and showing my leggings to everyone that came by the house. I was so proud of actually making something I wore, even with my blended sizing. I purchased a ton of patterns, lured by their models of all sizes and easy to read formatting.

After a few weeks of making small creations with many mistakes, I decided to reopen my old Etsy and sell leggings. I figured if custom clothing felt this awesome on me, I needed to share it with others. I quickly grew out of my basic sewing machine and small desk in the spare room. I went legal and changed over to Salty and Southern clothing with a mission to make beautiful handmade pieces to fit all sizes, using ethical practices and supporting other small shops.

Salty and Southern is my baby.  It's needy and frustrating, but brings me so much happiness in the end of it. I was able to hire on my now dearest friend Amanda to help me along the way and we hope to have a lot of fun and exciting things to bring you.

I have recently expanded my love for all things me -made and pattern test for some super talented designers, many of which you will find the inspired versions of in the shop.

It's time to document my journey with all of its craziness and all over the place ideas so be prepared to read more about new designs, pattern tests, life on the farm, and some great plugs for my fellow Makers <3


All my Love,







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