A new Salty & Southern for 2018

Well hello to all my Salty babes! 

I decided to do a quick little round up of all my thoughts and ideas I’m writing down on paper I’ll probably lose ;) 

After a lot of thought and conversation I have decided to continue persuing my dream for The brand. Bigger and better things with a real meaning and sentimentality. 

Oh, didn’t know I was contemplating closing up shop? Well now you do. 

It wasn’t that I wanted to Just up and quit but more of an exhausted my avenues type deal. I had a dream (legit dream while I slept) that I was in a beautiful warehouse designing clothes for women that instilled confidence and self love. I laughed at this initially and told a few close friends and my husband about it and kind of went about my usual. Surprise surprise I kept replaying this dream as I slept; more in depth ideas playing out and more excitement and even fear when I woke up. And well as you can guess I actually went for it. Because I mean, I’m here now.. 

I love what I do and my customers. It brings me great joy to be able to hear people say they have never loved an article of clothing so much or that they just had the best experience buying clothes which is hard for them. 

I want to keep that alive, only better. 

I have mainly been just designing fun things, mashing things together and then selling them to (you). 

But I want a more personalized approach.

This year I’m planning to really get some air under the wings on custom pieces and the whole custom experience. I want to be able to elevate the satisfaction of helping make your perfect wardrobe and take out all the overwhelming choices and questionable “that should work”. 

Y’all put so much trust in me and I want to make sure it is well earned!

Salty and Southern will still have the fun seasonal pieces, new designs, and an affordable line available. 

My object is to build off of what I already have successfully laid out to bring more to you. 


I hope you stick around for the journey and enjoy the new looks and changes coming soon. 


Stay Salty ✌️Courtney. 

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